Diet for Health and Weight Loss

There are many crazy diets on the market that promise to help you lose weight. Looking at the nutritional value of some of these diets, they are unfortunately often lacking.

Diet and Food

What we offer is different from other diets because it focuses primarily on the effect foods have on the acidity or alkalinity of the body. The original of that food in this final action in the body pH. In fact, some of the most acidic foods such as citrus fruits actually produce an alkaline effect when eaten. If foods that are more alkaline are eaten, in contrast to acidic food, the pH of the body at an optimum level of about 7.3 can be set.

Do not forget Fitness and Sport

Fitness and healthy diet

Fitness and healthy diet are inevitably if you want to be healthy. Fitness is not just pure strength training; it strengthens addition of muscle strength and muscle endurance and power, the speed, agility and coordination.

Fitness and healthy eating in everyday life

Fitness and healthy diet can also be quickly integrated into everyday life with a little discipline. Many fitness exercises can be performed on a mat and comfortable home. For stomach, legs and bottom-Gymnastics for example, it does not necessarily require the expensive membership in a gym. Instructions for fitness exercises at home or in the office abound on the Internet or in relevant books or magazines. Muscle strength and muscle building can be achieved, inter alia.

Sport – Weight Loss and Skating

With rollers under the feet of the training is fun. The somewhat forgotten sport teaches balance and coordination largely. The calorie consumption is amateur skaters similar to that of bikers to the 408 calories per hour. Skating not only strengthens the anterior thigh, but also the hip and back muscles. To prevent the risk of injury is a highly recommended to use protective equipment. Although the sport is dependent on the weather, it can be found almost anywhere.